Student Testimonials


"I cannot think of a better student job than working for IU Campus Bus Service.  There are many jobs all over Bloomington that require little thought and minimal training, but I was looking for something that would be fun and interesting, while signaling future employers that I am willing to take on significant responsibilities.  In comparison to other student jobs, I believe driving a bus requires more quick thinking and a higher level of maturity.  But don't take this the wrong way, we do know how to have a good time. Driving a campus bus is definitely an experience I will never forget.

There are many reasons why driving a bus is a great job, but I am just going to highlight a few of them.  First of all, you get to work with a great group of people.  The full-time drivers and administrators, as well as the student drivers, are a fun and professional group of people.  Secondly, I have never had a job with more convenient and flexible scheduling.  Student drivers are able to select a couple of shifts that fit their personal schedule for each semester, and picking up extra work is incredibly easy.  Finally, I must say that the pay is great.  With the relatively high wage and flexible scheduling, you can make a lot of spending cash or even manage to save some money for later."

— Derek


"It's a Monday morning and I can't wait to get to work! I don't know if it’s the challenge of handling a half million dollar bus or the responsibility of safely getting my friends to class. Whatever the case, this job's as good as it gets in IU!"



The first thought I had when I heard about students being allowed to drive a campus bus was, “Oh No!!! Look out!!!” However, the more I looked into the job opportunity the better it sounded. At first the thought of getting behind the wheel of a forty foot beast of a vehicle made me nervous. But, when I heard that Campus Bus pays for my training, pays for my commercial driver’s license, and guarantees me a great working experience, I was on board. The summer and winter training sessions are the perfect way to earn a decent paycheck and help one learn a skill that will benefit them in the long run. The trainers were fantastic and prepared me very well for my CDL test and more importantly prepared me to tackle the crowded streets of Bloomington/IU Campus.

I remember when I was sent out on my first solo work assignment I was very nervous. However, once my training instincts kicked in I felt right at home. The pay per hour is fantastic, the flexibility of schedules is fantastic, and the people at Campus Bus are the greatest. Additionally, it was very important for me to have a flexible schedule being a student. Some weeks were tough and it was very hard for me to find time to work. Yet, this wasn’t a problem because someone would pick up my shift and work in my place. On the other hand, some weeks were light for me school work wise and I could pick up work assignments which allowed me to make a few extra bucks. Having to only work few days a week and not have to sacrifice the loss in pay is fantastic!

Overall, Campus Bus is a great experience. The job is new every day, the pay is phenomenal, and most importantly it is the perfect job for a college student. I would recommend this job to anyone and would tell them they are going to be working the best and most enjoyable job of their life thus far.



The idea to work for campus bus came from the desire to have extra spending cash every week.  I needed a job while in graduate school that would pay me around $100 dollars a week to work a few hours, fit my schedule and did not involve flipping burgers or cleaning tables.  The solution was easy; campus bus fit the criteria, just a decent job with flexible hours and paid training.  And as a bonus when I leave campus bus I will be a licensed/experienced commercial driver.

Sometimes while walking around campus I still can’t believe that I drive one of those big red buses. I came to campus bus for an easy part-time job, had some fun and made some friends along the way, not bad for only wanting an extra $100 dollars a week.

— Fredo


My experience with I.U. Campus Bus has been wonderful.  I have had the opportunity to work with people who are pleasant and very easy to get along with.  The hours are very reasonable and being able to choose which shifts I wanted allowed me to plan around my academic schedule.  Being a driver and dispatcher also diversified my resume!

— Preston


I first learned about the opportunity to drive a Campus Bus as a sophomore while riding around campus on an E bus.  I saw a poster similar to those that I am now on. When I saw how much it would pay and that training was paid as well, I was very interested. Though apprehensive about the prospect of driving something so large, I thought about the alternative: a boring, just above minimum-wage job that is so common near college campuses. I decided to apply and trained the next summer, knowing that at the very least, I would have an interesting response if asked where I worked.

Yes, the first couple days of training were terrifying, but then again, that is why they train you. After finishing training, I was able to pick shifts with all the others drivers and chose around 15 hours a week, which fit my schedule and my liking.

Now that I have worked at Campus Bus for 4 semesters, I have become much more involved.  Thanks to the availability of shift that are geared toward student schedules, I currently work around 25 hours a week, while taking a full course load.  Furthermore, I have been able to take on more responsibility, by applying to work as a student supervisor.  As a student supervisor, I have helped oversee the operation of buses during evening and weekend shifts.  I have also taken part in individualized projects geared towards my areas of study, by to design bus wraps (giant stickers that cover the whole bus) and signs for Campus Bus.

The bottom line is working for Campus Bus as a bus operator and a student supervisor has been a great job; the hours are flexible, the work environment encourages motivated individuals to apply their skills, and the pay makes it worth your time.

— Greg


Working for the IU Campus Bus Service has been a great experience for me.  Considering the fact that working as a student and attending class full time, my work schedule was more than flexible enough to accommodate my classes, club activities, the hours that I wanted to work, and whatever time I needed for studying.  Because of that control, I didn’t have to feel like my choices were to either work to make enough for rent or go to class.  I also like that if something unexpected comes up I know that my co-workers will help cover my shift.

Being paid twelve dollars an hour was great, especially when compared to working at fast food restaurants or at most other places in town.  I also liked the sense of autonomy that came with the job.  I didn’t have a manager hovering over my shoulder at every spare moment.  My bosses know that I understand what my job is.  That freedom is why I think this is a good job for any student.

— Kyle


As a student, I was worried about finding a job that would fit my schedule. It is almost always changing and is more demanding at certain times than at others. The employers at Campus Bus are very accommodating about academic schedule conflicts and finding substitutes is rarely a problem. On the flip side, it is also very easy to find extra work when my schedule is less heavy. In this way, I can tailor my work schedule around my general schedule, no matter how much it changes. I was also apprehensive about learning to drive such a large vehicle. But training ended up being enjoyable, individually adapted, and well paid! The trainers have years of experience and teach how to operate safely along with how to handle things like passenger problems, common questions, and crowd control. Upon completion, I felt ready to operate in all situations and comfortable maneuvering through campus even during the busiest hours.

Beyond the great pay, the job has many perks. Operators are extensively trained, so many drivers have a strong sense of autonomy on the road, and if a situation arises and one of the supervisors needs to say something, it is usually handled with understanding and respect. There are also regular opportunities for promotions and work beyond driving. In two semesters of employment at Campus Bus, I have worked on “unwrapping” buses (removing the graphic advertisements that cover some buses,) installing internal advertisements, dispatch, customer information, recruiting, and supervising in addition to driving. However, more so than at some jobs, the strong sense of camaraderie and respect amongst everyone who works at Campus Bus is one of the most notable benefits. I think this stems from the common feeling of gratification and accomplishment generated by providing transportation for thousands of passengers around campus.

— Josh