Advertising Opportunities for our Campus Partners

Reach your ideal audience

Transit ads on Campus Bus enable you to efficiently target the student community within and around the IU Bloomington campus, along with certain areas in the City of Bloomington. Interior and exterior transit advertisements offer a cost-effective method to increase brand recognition and promote your services.

About advertising with us

Before you decide if transit advertising is right for you, you need to know that:

  • Advertising opportunities are only available to IU academic and student life units and student organizations.
  • Our buses circulate through various routes, ensuring that wraps are visible across the campus.
  • Service hours are reduced when classes are not in session, typically from mid-August through mid-May.
  • Presently, we exclusively consider requests from IU departments, organizations, programs, schools, and similar entities.
  • Upon approval of your advertisement, anticipate a production and installation timeline of up to 4 weeks for rail signs and up to 6 weeks for wraps.

Be sure to read the university's policy on transit advertising.

Bus advertising is managed by Campus Auxiliaries Marketing and Communications. Please send questions to

Rail Ads

These signs inside the buses are like signs posted in waiting areas. People are going to be onboard for a while and have time to read. Best for short time commitments.  

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An effective and efficient method to put your message in front of thousands of people a every day. Best for promoting your brand's message.

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Our commitment to our advertisers

When you advertise with us, you know that your ads will look great, be professionally produced and installed, and well maintained. 

We'll have your ads produced and installed. We'll even send you photos when the work is complete and your ad goes on the road. 

If a sign or wrap is damaged due to an accident or vandalism, we'll repair or replace the sign or wrap  at our expense. 

At the end of your advertising term, we'll remove and dispose of the ads.