Rider Information

Rider Information

Regardless of your level of experience with public transportation, it is important to understand that there are certain guidelines to follow when sharing a bus with others. It is crucial to practice considerate behavior, respect the driver, and be mindful of fellow passengers.

Ride Safely with Confidence

  • Please wait only at designated bus stops. To ensure your safety, buses will only pick up or drop off passengers at these stops.
  • Since there may be other people waiting for a different bus, please pay attention to be sure you board the correct one.
  • Please enter the bus through the front door and exit through the rear door only. This helps speed up the boarding process for other passengers.
  • After boarding, please move towards the rear of the bus to make room for as many people as possible.
  • It's important not to stand beyond the yellow or white line at the front of the bus. This rule is in place for federal safety reasons and allows the bus driver to have a clear view.
  • To notify the driver that you want to get off at the next stop, pull the stop request cord.
  • Before exiting, check to see that you have all of your belongings.
  • For your safety, do not cross in front of the bus immediately after exiting. Wait until the bus has completely left the bus stop and you have a clear view in both directions before crossing the street.

Avoid Overcrowding

On days with unfavorable weather conditions, buses often experience overcrowding. It is recommended you leave earlier on such days and be prepared for a longer travel time.

When boarding an already crowded bus, standing passengers should move towards the rear to create space for more passengers to board.

Regulations require passengers stand behind the designated line on the bus floor. This is to ensure that the driver has a clear view and protects passengers in case of a sudden stop.

Service During Severe Weather

We monitor the weather and will take action to protect our passengers and drivers when necessary.

During a tornado warning for Monroe County, our buses will park along their route and all passengers and drivers will take shelter in a nearby building until the threat has passed.

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