Rider Tips

Riding Tips and Suggestions

The Campus Bus Service provides basic transportation on campus for the Indiana University community and Bloomington residents. The system operates as a fixed-route, scheduled service which is based on class times. Service is scheduled to have the maximum number of buses on campus during class times.

How to Ride the Bus

  • Wait at designated bus stops only. For your safety buses may only board or alight passengers at designated stops. Since other persons may be waiting for a different bus please be attentive for your bus.
  • Board at the front door only. 
  • Do not stand forward of the white line in the front of the bus. This is a federal safety regulation to allow the bus driver a clear field of vision.
  • Move to the rear of the bus after boarding, so that as many as possible may board the bus.
  • Pull the stop request cord to signal the driver that you would like to exit at the next stop.
  • Exit at the rear door. This will expedite the boarding of passengers.
  • Do not cross in front of the bus after exiting. Wait until the bus has pulled away from the bus stop and you have a clear field of vision in both directions before crossing the street.