E Route

Intersession Service

Intersession begins November 21 and extends to February 7, 2021. There will be no service on this route during this period.

Route Description

Route is subject to change due to temporary road closures.

  • Leave Evermann. Turn left on N. Union Street. Arrive Bicknell.
  • Leave Bicknell. Arrive Hepburn.
  • Leave Hepburn. Arrive Campus View
  • Leave Campus View. Arrive Union Street Center.
  • Leave Union Street Center. Arrive 7th and Union.
  • Leave 7th and Union. Turn right on E. Seventh Street. Turn left on N. Rose Avenue. Arrive Willkie.
  • Leave Willkie. Turn right on E. Third Street. Arrive Forest.
  • Leave Forest. Arrive 3rd and Jordan.
  • Leave 3rd and Jordan. Arrive Biology Building.
  • Leave Biology Building. Arrive Law School.
  • Leave Law School. Turn right on S. Indiana Avenue. Arrive Sample Gates.
  • Leave Sample Gates. Turn right on E. Seventh Street. Arrive IMU.
  • Leave IMU. Turn left on N. Woodlawn Avenue. Arrive 10th and Woodlawn.
  • Leave 10th and Woodlawn. Turn right on E. Tenth Street. Arrive Psychology.
  • Leave Psychology. Arrive Wells Library.
  • Leave Wells Library. Arrive 10th and Sunrive.
  • Leave 10th and Sunrise. Arrive 10th Street Hickory Hall.
  • Leave 10th Street Hickory Hall. Turn left on N. Union Street. Arrive Campus View.
  • Leave Campus View. Arrive Nutt.
  • Leave Nutt. Arrive Bicknell.
  • Leave Bicknell. Turn right on Lingelbach Lane. Arrive Evermann Redbud.
  • Leave Evermann and Redbud. Arrive Evermann.