E Route

2021 Summer Schedule

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Route Description

Route is subject to change due to temporary road closures.

  • Leave Evermann. Turn left on N. Union Street. Arrive Bicknell.
  • Leave Bicknell. Arrive Hepburn.
  • Leave Hepburn. Arrive Campus View
  • Leave Campus View. Arrive Union Street Center.
  • Leave Union Street Center. Arrive 7th and Union.
  • Leave 7th and Union. Turn right on E. Seventh Street. Turn left on N. Rose Avenue. Arrive Willkie.
  • Leave Willkie. Turn right on E. Third Street. Arrive Forest.
  • Leave Forest. Arrive 3rd and Jordan.
  • Leave 3rd and Jordan. Arrive Biology Building.
  • Leave Biology Building. Arrive Law School.
  • Leave Law School. Turn right on S. Indiana Avenue. Arrive Sample Gates.
  • Leave Sample Gates. Turn right on E. Seventh Street. Arrive IMU.
  • Leave IMU. Turn left on N. Woodlawn Avenue. Arrive 10th and Woodlawn.
  • Leave 10th and Woodlawn. Turn right on E. Tenth Street. Arrive Psychology.
  • Leave Psychology. Arrive Wells Library.
  • Leave Wells Library. Arrive 10th and Sunrive.
  • Leave 10th and Sunrise. Arrive 10th Street Hickory Hall.
  • Leave 10th Street Hickory Hall. Turn left on N. Union Street. Arrive Campus View.
  • Leave Campus View. Arrive Nutt.
  • Leave Nutt. Arrive Bicknell.
  • Leave Bicknell. Turn right on Lingelbach Lane. Arrive Evermann Redbud.
  • Leave Evermann and Redbud. Arrive Evermann.