X Route

X Route

The X Route will service Luddy Hall, Psychology, and Kelley School bus stops. This route will not operate during semester breaks or during Summer session.

2019 Fall Semester Regular Schedule

Times are approximate, and may vary due to temporary road closures.

Monday - Thursday

Leave Stadium7:20 a.m.7:34 a.m.7:48 a.m.8:10 a.m.8:27 a.m.8:41 a.m.8:55 a.m.9:09 a.m.9:28 a.m.9:53 a.m.10:29 a.m.10:43 a.m.10:57 a.m.11:27 a.m.12:05 p.m.12:22 p.m.12:39 p.m.12:56 p.m.1:13 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:47 p.m.2:01 p.m.2:15 p.m.2:33 p.m.3:03 p.m.3:30 p.m.3:56 p.m.4:10 p.m.
Psychology7:25 a.m.7:39 a.m.7:53 a.m.8:15 a.m.8:32 a.m.8:46 a.m.9:00 a.m.9:14 a.m.9:33 a.m.9:58 a.m.10:34 a.m.10:48 a.m.11:02 a.m.11:32 a.m.12:10 p.m.12:27 p.m.12:44 p.m.1:01 p.m.1:18 p.m.1:35 p.m.1:52 p.m.2:06 p.m.2:20 p.m.2:38 p.m.3:08 p.m.3:35 p.m.4:01 p.m.4:15 p.m.
Arrive Stadium7:31 a.m.7:45 a.m.7:59 a.m.8:21 a.m.8:38 a.m.8:52 a.m.9:06 a.m.9:20 a.m.9:39 a.m.10:04 a.m.10:40 a.m.10:54 a.m.11:08 a.m.11:38 a.m.12:16 p.m.12:33 p.m.12:50 p.m.1:07 p.m.1:24 p.m.1:41 p.m.1:58 p.m.2:12 p.m.2:26 p.m.2:44 p.m.3:14 p.m.3:41 p.m.4:07 p.m.4:21 p.m.

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Friday - Sunday

No service.